What is underwriting?
Underwriting is an on-air announcement on behalf of businesses, individuals or organizations that provides a specific level of financial support to WEVL.

How can an individual, business or organization use underwriting?
Underwriting can be used for a variety of purposes, such as increasing public awareness of a business or organization, announcing events, or honoring a loved one on a special occasion.

Who hears underwriting?
WEVL’s broadcast range is approximately 50 miles, covering the Greater Memphis Metropolitan area, and reaching into East Arkansas, North Mississippi as well as West Tennessee. Over the past 38 years, the station has established an audience as vibrant and diverse as WEVL’s programming. Listeners have consistently voted WEVL Memphis' Best FM Station in the Memphis Flyer’s annual readers poll.

What are the benefits of underwriting?
WEVL’s diverse programming provides a unique opportunity for underwriting announcements to focus on any point on the WEVL listener spectrum, from the audience of one or two particular programs to the audience of the entire broadcast schedule.

Underwriting announcements can raise public awareness of your business, event or organization among potential customers, attendees or members. WEVL listeners show their loyalty to the station through their financial support, and underwriting announcements create a positive association between the audience and the sponsor. Finally, WEVL is nonprofit, and underwriting provides a great way to show support for a unique community asset.

Past Underwriters
Germantown Performing Arts Center, Minglewood Hall, AC Entertainment, Beaver Productions, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, Sherpa Concerts, Bartlett Performing Arts Center, Playhouse on the Square, Memphis Association of Craft Artists, Buckman Performing Arts Center, and more.

How to begin?
Complete and submit the form below.

The minimum underwriting amount is $300.

Proposed underwriting announcements must be submitted no less than seven days before the first announcement is to air.

All underwriting announcements must be reviewed and approved by the WEVL staff to insure compliance with FCC regulations governing nonprofit radio stations.

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*Individual or Organization Name (Include c/o, if applicable)
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*What is the name of the business, organization, event or individual to be recognized by the underwriting announcement?
What would you like the underwriting announcement to say? WEVL reserves the right to edit underwriting announcements to comply with FCC regulations, and decline announcements that do not comply with FCC regulations. WEVL will provide the underwriter the final announcement content before the first broadcast.
When would you like the underwriting announcements to begin?
How many announcements do you wish to underwrite?
By clicking Submit, you are sending your underwriting proposal to WEVL for consideration and review. Submission of this proposal does not create an obligation on the part of WEVL to air your announcement. A representative of WEVL will contact you with pricing and other information.
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All music formats compatible with WEVL's programming and mission will be considered. Download a program application now, e-mail Brian Craig, or call 528-0560 for more information.

Want To Volunteer Off Air?
Dedicated off-air volunteers do everything from answering the phone during pledge drive, IT support, soliciting donations, working at events like Blues on the Bluff®, clerical work, designing and maintaining this Web site, and much more. You are needed! Download an application now, e-mail Judy Dorsey, or call 528-0560 for more info.