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6:00 AM Singing Down In Dixie Welcome to the Working Week Varied Music--This Slot Needs a Host My Morning Mixtape River City Reveille The Modern World Bluff City Barn Dance
7:00 AM
8:00 AM The Deep Blues Show Varied Music Folk Song Fiesta Memphis Mystery Train Blues Today
9:00 AM The Many Moods of Ben Vaughn
10:00 AM A Fistful of Records Music City Roots Varied Music The Best of Sho-Nuff Country eTown Down In The Alley Strands Of The Celtic Knot
11:00 AM Music For Movies  Album Feature
12:00 PM The 1st Church of Rock! Acoustic Cafe Midday Country Merry Go Round The Country Club Out On The Side
1:00 PM Memphis Beat Through The Cracks
2:00 PM Varied Music--This Slot Needs a Host Lost In The Shuffle Voices Hillbilly Jazz The Clinic Varied Music--This Slot Needs a Host
3:00 PM Old-Time Country Music Hour eTown
4:00 PM World Music Dance Party Car Tunes River City Reveille Through The Cracks Off The Record New Orleans Big Beat Pajama Party
5:00 PM
6:00 PM Lost In The Shuffle FlowRadio Something Else Swing Shift Shuffle The Deep Blues Show The Many Moods of Ben Vaughn Soul Stew
7:00 PM Rock House
8:00 PM Out On The Side Into the Deep Bebe’s Berserkathon Songs for My Father Varied Programs
Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Music
9:00 PM Night Train The Best of Cap’n Pete’s Blues Cruise Against The Grain
10:00 PM Audio Exotika Superdeformed In The Basement
11:00 PM Rapper’s Delight
12:00 AM              
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December 20, 2014, CST
6:00 AM
Bluff City Barn Dance
Hosted by The Ol’ Ridge Runner
10:00 AM
Strands Of The Celtic Knot
Hosted by Robert
1:00 PM
Through The Cracks
Hosted by Ed
3:00 PM
Hosted by Nick & Helen Forster
4:00 PM
Pajama Party
Hosted by Rebecca
6:00 PM
Soul Stew
Hosted by Brett
9:00 PM
Against The Grain
Hosted by Uncle Roy
11:00 PM
Rapper’s Delight
Hosted by Andria